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Richard Spera

In 1996 I left New York City in search of adventure, big skies and bigger perspectives. I discovered Taos. In the years since, I have discovered the artist and dancer in me. Casa Gallina is the fruit of this discovery.

The seeds for Casa Gallina were planted years ago in my mother’s Italian kitchen. After graduating from Cornell University’s Hotel and Restaurant School, I landed a dream job in the restaurant business creating and managing a group of successful Italian restaurants in Manhattan. The hospitality business was a perfect fit for me to pour my heart and soul into.

The twelve years that I worked under a master restaurateur as his “right hand man”, opening and running five truly beautiful restaurants, showed me that I had a gift to give and that there was more waiting for me to discover.

This inkling led me to Taos and, to my surprise, Massage School where I learned a whole new and more intimate version of the hospitality business. I practiced massage here in Taos for fourteen years and have recently stopped my practice to make more space in my life for caring for my guests, my gardens, my animals, my family and myself.

I recently have discovered a new passion in my life: The Argentine Tango. This deeply beautiful dance has become my new practice. I have learned more about my body and myself in the years that I’ve now been dancing than I have in all the other body-oriented practices I’ve done previously. And now that I have a dance studio here at Casa Gallina, I will hopefully get to dance a “tanda” with all of you who dance Tango!

My two constant companions, my partner Matt, and my dog Canella are endlessly and lovingly by my side.

Every day I open the doors to Casa Gallina in my continuing dedication to serving, nurturing, and beauty.

Richard Spera
Artisan Values